Day 37 – Food Ninja

In case you haven’t figured it out yet I have never been a “foodie.”  I have never really cared for food, rarely planned for it, never payed much attention to it, and certainly was never this dedicated to food.  But I have become what I see to be a “food ninja”  Allow me to explain… Continue reading


Day 33 – Mexicana Night

I finally got to open up my new tortilla press tonight. I have been waiting for 2 weeks to find the time to attempt to make tortillas. I had heard that it is rather arduous and time-consuming, so I was a pretty nervous about the whole process. After a really long day and a really long week I definitely considered ordering pizza (just for a split second).  Continue reading

October Unprocessed Challenge


This evening I stumbled across the October Unprocessed Challenge and I committed to eating no processed foods whatsoever during the month of October.  Check it out and join me and more than 1500 other people and make October one of your healthiest months yet!


Day 31 – We be jammin’

First, Yay! to us for making it an entire month!  I think the first battle is over and we are standing strong.  We have learned lots and I doubt if we will ever “go back to where we came from.” Continue reading

Day 29 – Moistest-ever Muffins

You know it’s fall when you pull out the pumpkin pie spice.  I stumbled upon a recipe for Pumpkin Quinoa Muffins on Savvy Mom and gave them a try.  Wow! These are the most moist muffins (try saying that 3 times fast) I have ever come across.  I will definitely be making these again and again. Continue reading

Day 28 – A Much Anticipated Success

 Houston – We have bread!  And it is so light and fluffy we could almost call in anti-gravity bread! Continue reading

Day 27 – What a Difference

We went to the Urban Harvest Saturday morning sale.  We all found something we were excited about before we left.  Continue reading

Day 25 – Harvest Help

I have a ginormous garden, of which (I hate to admit) I use extremely little.  The garden area is approximately 75 ft x 12 ft.  Plus I have a 10 x 10 greenhouse that we built a couple of spings ago.  The amount of space we have is so overwhelming and it takes a lot to get it ready to plant and keep even remotely weed-free.

Continue reading

Day 24 – Inspiration found at the Farmer’s Market

After dropping off the boys at daycare and school I decided to pop into the farmer’s market this morning.  I was not really looking for anything, in fact I almost didn’t stop, but I thought I might do a quick browse on my way to work and see if anything inspired me.  I’ve not every in my life felt inspired by food – but that certainly has changed.  Continue reading

Day 22 – Birthday Sushi

My hubby and I reflected that we really should have made all these changes before we had kids.  I would have been easier.  But better late than never.  Continue reading