On October 20th, 2001 I met my Forever.  I knew instantly that the man who had just walked in the door would change my life.  I fell in love that night and have never looked back.  True Story.  In the past ten years my husband and I have got married, created two amazing little boys, bought big things and small things, travelled here and there, but mostly loved and supported each other through thick and thin.  We have experienced and accomplished so much, but it truly doesn’t seem like it has been ten years.

To celebrate this special occasion we treated ourselves to a quiet dinner out at the Sunset Organic Bistro located in Summerhill Winery.  Beautiful, romantic, perfect.

We really enjoyed the food and wine and our time together.  I was only able to get a few pictures, because we dove into the rest before I remembered.  LOL.

First there was a pre-appetizer, little fresh sweet melon balls with mint. 

Then came crusty bread with so-good garlic butter.  We ordered crab cakes for an appetizer.  For dinner I ordered North Okanagan Lamb Sirloin which came with carmelized root vegetables and and hubby had a local Beef Striploin, which came with roasted potatoes and a sliver of to-die-for cheese.  YUM!  No picture of these… it all looked too good to wait.

We enjoyed sharing a bottle of the Summerhill Cabernet Franc, a very rich full-bodied red wine with dinner. 

Then we had “ice cream and chocolate” for dessert. 

After we told our server that we were celebrating the anniversary of the day we met he brought us each a glass of Reisling Ice Wine.
A perfectly sweet end to a perfectly sweet 10 years.    

Here’s to another 10!


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