Just for today I had to travel to Edmonton for work.  There was a Cafe Scientifique put on by Canadian Institutes for Health Research at the University of Alberta called Acting Together for Healthy Eating for Children – Right up my alley!

I’ve never been to Edmonton, so I was excited about my little adventure. Though, I did feel a little nervous about being able to find food that I might deem “appropriate” in a strange city.  I in no way wanted to have to drag myself through the doors of a fast food place for dinner.  I decided to take extra snacks in my luggage.

I also asked a friend, whom I know has excellent taste, for a restaurant recommendation, so I felt a little more comfortable.

Lux (Steakhouse and Bar) has a tagline of “A rare steakhouse well done” with the picture of ringed bull nostrils.  I thought to myself, “yep, I’m in Alberta now.”

It was a very nice upper-crust kind of place with tantalizingly good-sounding food on the menu.  It took me a long time to decide what to order.  I ended up asking for the Mushroom Wellington and as my server was walking away I almost asked her to come back as I felt it utterly inappropriate that I chose a vegetarian meal over the local fare (aka Alberta beef).  The meal came on mashed potatoes and was served with a variety of side vegetables.  It was super tasty.

While I was drifting along downtown Edmonton I happened across a little shop called, Sweet Lollapalooza, which advertised, you got it, sweets.  But not any kind of sweets, chocolate.  And not any kind of chocolate, handmade fresh artisan chocolates.   So I dipped in, literally and figuratively, to see what they had to offer.  Originally I thought about picking up a small treat as a gift for my boys who were kindly holding down the fort at home.  However, I wondered how the little squares of perfection would make out during the luggage trip home.  (Update: upon arriving back home I do really wish I would have brought them all a little indulgence.  Will have to take them there next time.) After being educated about the shop and the fact that they use real high quality chocolate from France and fresh ingredients (no preservatives or fillers) I sampled a raspberry dark chocolate.  It was perfection! (And it was day 50 so, I don’t feel bad AT ALL about a tiny treat. Plus dark chocolate is good for you.)

The evening ended with a rousing and informative discussion on children, food, marketing, and policy.  Then I got to stay the night with dear family that I do not get to see near enough.

It was quite a trip. Now I’m tired.


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