Okanagan InstituteActually, I had the $2 needed to get in the door at the Okanagan Institute’s Express gathering this evening at the Bohemian Cafe.  I had invited my Mother to join me downtown for the event this evening.  The award-winning Okanagan chef, Richard Scebba from Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen in Lake Country was going to be talking to a group of equiring minds about his family, his traditions, his kitchen, and his food. Okanagan Institute had recently had Scebba speaking in Penticton and I considered trekking that distance a few weeks ago, but would have had to juggle several things and it was quite late 7pm, which meant I would habe been getting home way late.

Scebba has recently released a cookbook and I wanted to get a taste of what was in there.  I was already dreaming of homemade pastas combined with local fare.  Boy was I excited!I gathered my camera, a notepad, and my Mother and set off.  As I mentioned we had our entry fee, but it looked pretty deserted when we got there.  The event was actually at 5, not 7.  😦  So sad.  Guess I’m gonna have to buy the cookbook to find out more now. Pooh.

Luckily, the night wasn’t a complete bust, Mom and I headed to The Great Okanagan Book Sale and I found a couple gooders (can’t beat books for .50 a piece!)  Here is what will be on my nightstand for the next couple weeks or so:
1. GRUB by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry
2. Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite out of Global Warming by Lara Stec with Eugene Cordero, Ph.D
3. French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure

Boo for no food. Yeah for books on food.


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