Life happens.  Even to the best of us.

And when it happens, such as it did tonight, we turn to old and comfortable ways.  And so it happened that I arrived home later than I was hoping to this evening.   My plan was to run in to my kitchen mix up some tortilla dough, and cook them up into quesadillas as fast as I could.  But, when I arrived home I found my husband emptying all of his things out of the trailer from his hunting trip into both my living room and kitchen. The living room items could be ignored (for now) but the myriad dishes and food stacked on every counter space could not.  I perceived that the kids were going to be ultra hungry very soon and finding my kitchen and then creating a healthy scrumptious meal from scratch was going to take too long.

About this same time my husband remembered that he was supposed to buy diapers today, but had not.  So I turned to him and said, “Let’s all go to Costco. You can buy diapers and we will all have a hot dog for dinner.”  Yes, I actually suggested that.  I considered twice after that other places we could go that would be a healthier alternative and coming up with nothing decided to go with the first option.  I asked the kids if they wanted what we call “a hot doggie” and they both became extremely animated and gave me an affirmative answer.  I’ve never seen two kids get their shoes on and be in the car so fast.

We arrived at Costco, and I considered ordering myself a salad, which I think had walnuts and cranberries and such, but then I figured that the lettuce would probably have pesticide residue along with preservatives. Not to mention that the cost of the salad was four times that of a hot dog with a pop!  So, the two little boys got a hot dog and the two adults got a polish sausage.  L and hubby shared half a pop and C and I had water.

I was more than a little concerned that someone I knew would see me, but let me tell you that I felt little guilt.  I think I am able to reconcile this incident with our healthy living because:
1. It was just one of “those days”
2. We have eaten extremely well (without additives, chemicals, etc) for 45 days – that’s pretty good for a newbie food ninja
3. Because it wasn’t that enjoyable – REALLY greasy and I could feel the effects instantly
4. Reinforced the fact that I need to have a few homemade quick-and-easy dinners waiting for “those days” in the freezer
5. We all lived through the experience

And so we move on.  Quickly.


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