The comedy show Seinfeld becomes popular.

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Well, here in the land of Ice and Snow (Canada, eh?) this long weekend marks the (very early) celebration of Thanksgiving.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  (Seinfeld episode reference.)  It’s gonna be a quiet weekend.  Quiet, relatively speaking that is, which for a regular person would seem like lunacy.  Hubby is away hunting (YES, AGAIN!) for an extra-extended long-weekend.  So, it’s just me and the kiddos… and the dog.

I have the intention of pulling out all the stops for us and doing a little Foodish Feast for Thanksgiving on Monday (will leave that for a later).  Until then we have been invited over to the home of my Mom and Grandma to feast with them tomorrow night (along with my Mom’s sister and a couple of her kids and my cousin and her family).

My duty is to bring dinner buns. 

I was informed that they are on sale at such-and-such a store.

I will admit that I wasn’t listening by that point, as I was already bent on baking my own.

Due to the time alottment I now have allowed for baking dinner buns I must do a “cold rise.”  Which is to say, a person (me) who does not have the time-management skills to bake buns (even with the help of a bread maker) in a reasonable and normal amount of time (approx 4 hrs.) then must put dough (which has risen once and is now shaped into little dough balls) into the fridge to try to rise over the next 12 hours.

Here they are all nestled in for a sleepover with the tomatoes. Gasp!

Will they rise?  Will they fall flat?  If there is a bun disaster will Amanda from Canada buy store-bought buns for Thanksgiving and say she made them from scratch?   Will her family suspect her of the betrayal? Can she keep thinking of corny possibilities like they do for soap operas?

Stay tuned for tomorrows episode….


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