Houston – We have bread!  And it is so light and fluffy we could almost call in anti-gravity bread!

After much struggling with baking whole wheat bread I thought I better post my succes story.  After chatting with older and much wiser family members (my Grandma who makes the best bread and my Mom who worked at a bakery in a past life) I decided to give myself a break.  I learned that if you only use whole what flour you end up fighting against the bran which cuts through the gluten and you inevitably get a teeny little 5lb. kind of loaf (not that we’ve experienced that several times, or anything <- insert eye roll here).  I buckled down and bought some local organic all-purpose flour (a great choice I think) and made the honey whole wheat sandwich bread from 100 days of real food with 2/3 whole wheat flour and 1/3 my new all-purpose flour.

Hubby was coming home from being away for a week (hunting again) and it was baking when he arrived (nothing like the smell of baking bread to say “welcome home”).  After all of our bread escapades he was nervous to try it, but I foooled him and actually had a success. Oh and it was so worth the pain and suffering of waiting for good bread.

Everything else may seem a bit easier, now that I’ve accomplished this…

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