We went to the Urban Harvest Saturday morning sale.  We all found something we were excited about before we left.  I got some local all-purpose flour from their guest vendor Wolfgang’s Grain and Flour Mill from Enderby.  Liam was looking for raspberries, but when they didn’t have any he was recommended to try the purple grapes which were “really sweet” so that made him happy.  He also found some colorful beans (purple, green, and purple and white) of which he said, “I love beans.”  I tried to keep the shocked/confused look off my face and continued on.  Lastly, Chae found some Honeycrisp apples and carefully carried the whole bag around while we finished.  The three of us walked to the car delighted with all of our goodies. Before we had pulled away both the boys were munching away on their finds in the backseat.  I so wish I had my camera so I could have got a picture of them.

I’m telling you, this change in they way we eat has my picky eater saying to me, “Mom you’ve got to try these grapes they are so sweet. They will rock your world.”  Is this my child?  Who is paying him to say these things?  He is trying foods he would never try before, he is raving about foods he never glanced at before, and he is just sitting and eating (and eating and eating). It is SO nice.

The kids devoured the two-toned bowl of grapes for lunch.  And Liam and I dove into the beans for dinner. While Chae did help cook, he wasn’t much of a fan of the beans. In hind sight I probably shouldn’t have let him try some until after they were cooked.  There’s always next time.

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