I have a ginormous garden, of which (I hate to admit) I use extremely little.  The garden area is approximately 75 ft x 12 ft.  Plus I have a 10 x 10 greenhouse that we built a couple of spings ago.  The amount of space we have is so overwhelming and it takes a lot to get it ready to plant and keep even remotely weed-free.

Last year I planted virtually nothing.  I am always really motivated in the spring to use the space and grow all sorts of good stuff, but carving out the time is nearly hopeless. I should mention that I’m also fortunate enough to have automatic sprinklers just for the garden space (I know spoiled rotten and ungrateful). I know I can do underground crops (potatoes, carrots, beats) and squash well because those I can plant in the spring, forget about, and then show up in the fall and say, “so, what do we got back here?” Every year I’ve got a couple kind varieties that come up of their own accord –  sunchokes and rhubarb .

This year I planted 3 rows of potatoes in the garden, and the greenhouse was made use of by 4 tomato plants and 6 banana pepper plants.  Then late in the spring I called in some backup and my Mom and Grandma came and inserted an eggplant plant, a squash plant, 2 little rows of carrots, 2 little rows of beets, a little row of beans, 2 or 3 tomato plants, and a habanero pepper.  I made it out to the garden a few times and kept that little bit of the garden fairly weed free.

As the first day of fall is tomorrow and I can feel the frost approaching I thought I better do a sweep and check and see what we had happening out there.  Chae and I picked (another) big basket of tomatoes and peppers, a big handful of green beans, and dug a whole bag full of potatoes from just a couple of plants ( 2 different varieties as is evident in the picture).  I decided to leave the rest of the potatoes in there for now (we’ll bea ble to get them out until the ground gets too hard to dig).  The carrots are about the size of my thumb nail – both in depth and circumference. What I’m gonna end up doing with those is a good question.  The beets may get to a reasonably acceptable size to harvest and eat in the next month.  We’ll see.

Chae and I enjoyed our garden adventure today and I’m already motivated to do an even better job of vegetable gardening next year.  Then again I say that every year…

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