After dropping off the boys at daycare and school I decided to pop into the farmer’s market this morning.  I was not really looking for anything, in fact I almost didn’t stop, but I thought I might do a quick browse on my way to work and see if anything inspired me.  I’ve not every in my life felt inspired by food – but that certainly has changed.  I found stunning yellow squash, smooth eggplant, and fragrant garlic, which I decided there and then would be dinner tonight.  I also found a deal on some peaches for jam and succulent raspberries – which seemed like a natural and obvious complementary combination.  All locally sourced fruits and veggies of course.  I also got a contact for some locally grown and milled grains and beans and will be following up on that nugget of info very soon.

We’ve got another 5 weeks or so of the outdoor twice weekly farmers market and then it will be less often (once every 2-3 weeks) and indoors. I’m feelingsome pressure to be doing some preserving and canning – but not sure of when I’m going to find that time.  I guess if I want to have some fresh-like produce this winter I ought to make it a priority.  Yep, will have to get on that me thinks.

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  1. […] you may remember the inspiration from the Farmers Market last week was an undeniable desire to make jam with the peaches and raspberries that I procured […]

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