My hubby and I reflected that we really should have made all these changes before we had kids.  I would have been easier.  But better late than never. 

Today is my son’s actual 8th birthday.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. He said sushi.  Sushi is his absolute favourite meal.  He asks for it for all our special occasions.  Because of that we actually started a new tradition last year of having sushi on New Years Day.  It took us some time but we ended up finding a restaurant that was open and brought several kinds of rolls home.

Instead of buying our sushi tonight I made his two favourite kinds. Of course I used brown rice and fresh ingredients.  We made california rolls and philadelphia rolls.  I made lots of rice, so ended up making about 12 rolls. After we enjoyed his special birthday dinner we wrapped up the rest for our lunches for the next couple days.

I guess maybe since his choice of birthday dinners was a very healthy choice, we weren’t doing so bad after all.  I thought changing our habits and eating real food would be the hardest on Liam, but he is eating more than ever and really enjoying the food our family has in the house. He is the one I have seen the most difference in;  he is often asking for seconds at meal times, has not complained that “theres nothing to eat”, he is trying more foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating all of his lunch at school.  Oh, and the best part is how he raves about the food I cook now.  I often hear, “mmm, Mom this is so good” or “what’s in this? It tastes really good” or “this is the best breakfast/lunch/dinner ever.”

I love that part…

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