I was really nervous about this weekend.  We were going to be away from home and staying with family and I really didn’t want to come across as being a “food snob” by not eating their food, and making my family our own food, and/or having a scene with my kids about food. We also were going to a wedding and didn’t know what to expect regarding food there.  Being away from home is definitely more difficult.  But, I planned ahead and brought a few easy breakfasts and snacks, and figured we’d figure something out for the rest of our meals.

Everything turned out just fine.  We ate supper before we left Friday night, Saturday morning breakfast I packed granola, berries, and yogurt, Saturday after-wedding lunch our hosts put out scrumptious homemade bread, cheese, and tons of veggies for sandwiches, and Saturday night wedding dinner was fresh and beautiful – spinach and berry salad, greek salad, corn on the cob, and salmon.  Phewf  crisis averted.

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