Last night right before bed I started making granola.  I’ve never made granola. I’ve made some granola bars, so that’s pretty close, right? You know how they always say to read to the end of a recipe before you start?

Well, it’s true you should.

I used the granola recipe from 100 days of real food.  I didn’t realize that it would have to bake for 75 mins. and I was headed to bed.  So, decided to attempt to program my oven to come on at 5 am and bake my family’s granola for breakfast, which would then be ready when it is time to be getting up.  My darling hubby punched all the buttons and lit every little light on the stove and we went to bed.

At 6:15am this morning the timer on my stove went off.  I got out of bed took the granola out and Ohh, did it smell good!

We had beautiful fresh granola with Balkan-style plain yogurt, a drop of honey and a handful of blueberries for breakfast.  Best breakfast thus far.  Everyone raved about it. So granola adventure was much more successful then the bread escapade of a few days ago.

Yay for smart appliances that cook granola while you sleep 🙂

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Sounds soooo yummy!!! I think I would like to try that myself.

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