Due to an all-day organizational meeting requirement for all staff, our company had a catered lunch today.  I was quite thrilled with not having to make a lunch this morning when I left.  As part of a Wellness Team initiative (which I am a member of) we walked from our main location to our all-day meeting (2 km).  Oh how very healthy of me.

Actually there was an incentive – all those who walked put there name in for a prize draw. And I won. A $25 gift card to Shoppers Drug Mart. Woo hoo! I love winning.


As we arrived I grabbed a tea and noticed that they had brought muffins from Tim Hortons.  YIKES!  Better run past those quickly because they looked pretty good.  By 11:00 my stomach was starting to growl, probably due to my increased physical exertion during my morning walk.  Then the muffins really started to call.  Luckily lunch was arriving soon, so I was able to deter myself once again.

Lunch arrived from a deli and catering company and comprised of all sorts of half sandwiches, buns and wraps.  Everything from ham and cheese to turkey and cranberries, vegetarian, egg salad, etc.  Plus there was a platter of vegetables and dip a platter of fruit, and the menacing platter of desserts and goodies.  I was very cautious about checking out all the food.  Usually free lunch has me diving in, but not so much now.  I chose a vegetarian half sandwich on a whole-wheat looking bread and a half an egg salad sandwich on a whole-wheat looking bun and then filled my plate with veggies and just a teaspoon of dip.  I was very curious about the bread products particularly – they could have been fresh and baked in store without much added.  Now I will have to stop in and ask them.  I was much less worried about all the veggies and even the egg salad – you can’t add THAT much crap to egg salad.

I stayed full well away from the wraps as they were definitely out of a package and I’ve read whats in them – too much stuff.  The fruit though was certainly not even remotely fresh.  It was like the ones you get at Walmart or Costco with honeydew, cateloupe, pinapple, grapes, watermelon, a couple of strawberries and some apples.  They are cut apple slices for crying out loud – how are they not brown and ugly?  Becuase I know you didn’t just chop these apples seconds before the platter showed up at our door.

I was not able to withstand the dessert tray – though I did try hard.  I steered totally clear of the Nanaimo bars, white cake with a caramel-like frosting, and numerous other scrumptious morsels and instead chose a very wholesome looking and tasty oatmeal cranberry cookie.

So, all in all, I survived not knowing what was ACTUALLY in my lunch.  If I had to do it again I would probably be a bit more proactive and ask who was catering lunch and find out more ahead of time and/or bring a “back-up lunch” just in case.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I I have such a hard time in situations like these! I would have been all over the muffins at first glance:)
    Loving your ideas about healthier choices!!

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