My hunter is home. We can enjoy each others company, parent together, and relax – for one week at least.

This evening my youngest son and I were in the backyard playing when our dog, Rosie (yellow lab) came by us with a clump of grapes in her mouth. Now, this isn’t SO weird, because we do have grape vines in our yard, BUT they haven’t ever been taken care of and I hadn’t seen any sign of grapes at all this year.  So I did a little more detective work and sure enough there was all sorts of grapes hanging underneath our grape stand. 

They are little white grapes and, MAN are they ever sweet.  Chae and I sat right there and ate a couple bunches of grapes just the two of us. Better and more appreciated than any piece of candy.

I ended up picking as many as I could find because Rosie wouldn’t leave them alone and it’s amazing that the birds haven’t picked them clean too.  They must’ve been hiding well. Here is our beautiful grape bowl.  They aren’t gonna last long.  Even Liam remarked how sweet they were – he doesn’t even eat grapes.

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