So much for taking it slow, one piece at a time. The food is gone.

Today is the last day of the Labour Day long weekend.  Tomorrow my oldest son enters Grade 3.

Today I went through the fridge and cupboards and rid them of anything that was deemed “foodish.”  This project was at the behest of my hubby, I might add.  “Foodish” for us means anything that has added sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavours, preservatives, or anything we can’t pronounce or understand what it is or what it is meant for.

I let my oldest son know that we are going to start eating more healthy foods.  He kind of looked scared/perturbed.  At the time I had emptied a small bag of M & Ms into a little bowl (because I knew if I did this they would be gone asap and I wouldn’t have to throw them in the garbage and the garbage was getting rather full at this point anyways).  My son remarked, “good thing, M & Ms are healthy.”  I smiled and let him know that we were finishing the bag and wouldn’t be buying any more.  He gave me the scared/perturbed look again.

After emptying the fridge I realized I was really getting rid of a lot of stuff we rarely used anyways, like extra sauces and ice cream toppings. We did, thus far, save the ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo.  Those condiments we rarely use and so we will see if they stay long.  I doubt it.  The cupboard, however, looked extremely bare and I started to worry – what are we going to eat?  But I thought to myself, “never fear, we will go buy real food this evening and it will look full again, but with better, more healthy things.”

So, away I went with a plan in mind; a woman on a mission.  I did not have a list, per say, as I really didn’t know what would be available.  I went to a large grocery store that I knew had some “natural food” aisles.  After choosing MANY kinds of fruit and vegetables I went looking for some pastas (hoping against hope I would not have to make pasta) and low and behold there was real pasta – Hooray!  Then I went looking for some real meat.  Hmmm…not so much.  Will have to look at a couple smaller and more specialty stores for meat. A little more time shopping, that’s OK.  I avoided all the rest of the aisles and when I finally got to the “natural food” I was shocked and dismayed that it was all still processed crap but instead it was processed with organic white flour so as to charge 1.5x the cost.

At the end of the box store escapade I came out with tons of fruit and veggies, Triscuits, real cheese, and some whole grain pasta.  At least it is a good thing that my oldest son does not have to take a lunch tomorrow as it is only a half day.   The kid really can’t afford to lose weight either, so will have to spend the next day figuring out some “real food” school lunches.


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