After seeking out fruits and vegetables at every meal for the last week, it sure becomes obvious when a meal is missing that food group.  The plate looks so…WHITE!  We travelled to see family this long weekend and while we were (of course) so happy to spend time with them and grateful for their hospitality it was just so glaringly obvious that the meals were completely free of any color.  I was shocked?  Is this how people eat? Is this how we used to eat?  Did our plates look like this not one week ago?  No, I don’t think so. I’ve always made it a priority to have at least one vegetable with dinner and often we have fruit with lunch.

One instance I had brought fruit and veggies for us to snack on, so I had those after dinner.  I felt like I was sneaking them, because I did not want them to feel like their meal was inadequate. Harrumph. Food and family politics.

I am shocked at how quickly and drastically this experiment is changing the way I think about and look at food.

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