The Bohemian Café and Catering Co.

Image by wolfnowl via Flickr

So I did not make my lunch last night like I was supposed to. Bad girl. Luckily, today, just as I was wilting away at my desk a knight in shining armour rode in on his steed and saved me from my hunger. OK, not really. I was getting hungry and my husband did have a shiny truck, so I’m close.  He surprised me by coming up with a super healthy restaurant to go to for lunch;  Downtown Kelowna’s Bohemian Cafe. Totally Hit The Spot.

I had their special half sandwich and soup special, which was a turkey with mango chutney and a curry-like soup.  All fresh wholesome ingredients. Mmmm. So good.  Will definitely be heading back there.

The Cafe has this one ginormous table that seats probably 20 people at least around it and then they have all their private tables as well that only seat 2-4 people.  We sat at the shared table and it made me start to think about taking a meal as a social event with the purpose of bringing people together.  I remember hearing about entire communities in Europe that would come down to the street and eat together every night!  Everyone dishes and eats and talks and laughs, the kids play and everyone is involved in this community life.

But, back in Western reality here is my husband and I at a gargantuan table alone with every other Westerner at their private tables.  Not a single table to be found? Why?  Is there conversation so private that they can’t be seated by others?  Are they germaphobes? Do they smell bad?  No, I doubt any of the above.  I think that we, in Canada, have gotten so used to having our own space and our own privacy.  I suppose I’m like that too to an extent.  But I’m willing to put that aside in order to get a seat and food faster 🙂

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