One of the easily noticed and appreciated benefits of this first challenge is that it is getting me to eat breakfast regularly.

I’m not a big breakfast eater and often skip this meal (even though I know breakfast is important and all that).  Having all the fruit and vegetables in the house and making it a priority to eat them is actually easy enough.

I’d give myself a score of 5.5 out of a possible 6, just because my pierogi at lunch filled me up so much that I had to struggle to eat the nectarine I also packed.   My score is going up.  I bet I can make 6/6 tomorrow!

The best surprise of the day was at dinner when my seven-year old only wanted zucchini chips and watermelon. I kept my calm and said, “OK, if that’s all you want that’s fine” while inside I’m screaming, “Oh my gosh!  He doesn’t even eat zucchini OR watermelon! He’s getting 2 different servings of fruit and vegetables! YAY!”

Yes, this is good. Very good.

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