The big day is here.  The day that we change the way our family eats food!  Exciting!  So, what did we do?

This is Week 1 and we are following a mini-pledge from 100 Days of Real Food  which is to eat at least 2 servings of fruit and vegetables at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal this week.

I should also clarify “who” is participating in Week 1 – my husband and I are both trying to add 2 servings of fruit and vegetables to our meals and our children will be served at least 2 fruit and vegetable servings at each meal.  Whether the children will eat them….that is still to be determined.  Our 2 year old loves fruit and eats some veggies too.  Our 7 year old, on the other hand, has a VERY small repertoire of fruit and vegetables which he will allow to pass his teeth. This may be interesting…

You may be thinking, “humph, that’s it?  Eating more fruit and veggies doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating real food.”  and I would say to you, “you’re right.”  But, we gotta start somewhere.  Better to add a bunch of very nutritious food choices to the pantry, fridge, and counter than to empty the fridge, cupboards, and freezer of “food-like substances that we have already bought.  Plus, I’m cheap. I can’t just throw out edible “food-like substances.” (Actually I did bring myself to oust a bag of marshamallows, as I was cleaning and organizing my cupboards. I figured with camp season over that the kids won’t be missing those until next summer. Muah ha ha.)

Due to leaving my orange on the counter when I left this morning I will give myself a score of 5 out of a possible 6 for day 1. Which is pretty darn good.  And it was only my forgetfulness that robbed me of that last point.  I had every intention of eating that orange. Darm that rememberer…

I am a bit more prepared for the next few days.  I have mucho watermelon left over and bought some fresh blueberries (my fave) and a friend gave us several cucumbers, an eggplant and a yellow zucchini from her garden. Plus I’ve got a whole little flat full of tomatoes out of our greenhouse.  Yay for fresh summer veggies!

Maybe this won’t be too hard after all….

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