Day 54 – All or Nothing

Once we start celebrating we can’t stop!  Hubby and I haven’t been on a date just in so long.  And now we get two nights in a row.  Following on the heels of last nights date-night-out, tonight was date-night-in.  Continue reading


Day 53 – Celebrating 10 Years

On October 20th, 2001 I met my Forever.  I knew instantly that the man who had just walked in the door would change my life.  I fell in love that night and have never looked back.  True Story.  Continue reading

Day 50 – Edmonton Fare

Just for today I had to travel to Edmonton for work.  There was a Cafe Scientifique put on by Canadian Institutes for Health Research at the University of Alberta called Acting Together for Healthy Eating for Children – Right up my alley! Continue reading

Day 49 – I Heart Carbs

There are some who crave fruit, others who like to carve into a meaty steak, but me… I love carbs. Pastas, breads, and grains make me happy.  I know this love affair will turn South (to my hips and butt) one fateful days in the future.  But, for now… I bake.  Continue reading

Day 46 – A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Okanagan InstituteActually, I had the $2 needed to get in the door at the Okanagan Institute’s Express gathering this evening at the Bohemian Cafe.  I had invited my Mother to join me downtown for the event this evening.   Continue reading

Day 45 – The Costco Incident

Life happens.  Even to the best of us.

And when it happens, such as it did tonight, we turn to old and comfortable ways.  Continue reading

Day 43 – Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I am grateful this season for the laughter of my two healthy children.  For warm and caring friends and family that live so nearby.  For the love that is shared between myself and my spouse.  For the bounty of the region we are so fortunate to be surrounded by.  For all that I have and all that I am.

Now, on to the grub… Continue reading

Day 41 – Pumpkin Festival

The boys and I had a super fun and busy day.  Part of our day included going to the Kelowna Farmers Market to take in the Pumpkin Festival.  Continue reading

Bun Update

Recap – We left as I nervously put my buns for ‘the dinner’ with the family in the fridge for a cool rise and went to bed.

Update – they didn’t rise too far over night, but I took them out and placed them on top of the stove to warm up before I baked them and they doubled in size!  Just finished baking them for 20 minutes. They look just fine and don’t feel too heavy.  We shall see how they go over.

Day 40 – Cool Rise (sounds like the name of a band…)

The comedy show Seinfeld becomes popular.

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Well, here in the land of Ice and Snow (Canada, eh?) this long weekend marks the (very early) celebration of Thanksgiving.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  (Seinfeld episode reference.)  Continue reading